The Storey Players (TSP Theatre Inc.) is a not-for-profit organisation whose principal mission is finding positive intersections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and presenting these through theatre and storytelling.

This might include interactions with non-Indigenous Australians; certain Dreamtime Stories (if given permission to adapt them) or working with communities to tell stories which may have remained hidden or unacknowledged over time. It also instils self-confidence and resilience in the children who participate in the workshops and work to create the shows.

It achieves these aims by facilitating their unique drama and storytelling workshops which they have developed and refined over many tours through the Outback and working with remote Indigenous communities.

This mission began with 'The Ghost of John King' a show developed on the unknown story of King, the only survivor of the Burke and Wills expedition. After they perished at Cooper Creek, King survived through the kindness of the Yandruwandha people who lived at the Creek.

This tour introduced Simon and Tina (Artistic and Creative Directors) to the Outback and the many wonderful, but often neglected, communities in this beautifully harsh environment. Both come from theatrical backgrounds and have an interest in storytelling, language and providing children with the self-confidence and resilience that drama workshops can provide. They have worked together making theatre and telling stories for over 20 years both in Europe and in Australia.


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The Storey Players are an official Friend of UNESCO's International Year of Indigenous Languages