The Storey Players is a charitable organisation whose principal mission is empowering disadvantaged kids through drama workshops and storytelling activities to strengthen their self-confidence and increase their literacy skills. 



'I’ve just looked at the video and I can’t tell you how special it is what you guys do.

Thanks for coming out this way and bringing your magic to the young people.'

Melissa Conn, Community Development Officer, Cloncurry Shire Council

Watch our new video showcasing our work in remote communities in QLD and NT: 

 Much of the company's work is undertaken in remote Indigenous communities in outback Australia and includes working with kids to create theatre from their stories about community and strengthening their self-confidence and literacy skills for the future. 

Their unique drama and storytelling workshops have been developed and refined over many tours through the outback and working with remote communities who rarely receive such creative input.

ACNC Registered Charity Logo RGBTSP Theatre Inc ABN 30483370257 - also known as 'The Storey Players'

 The Storey Players are an official Friend of UNESCO's International Year of Indigenous Languages



Vehicle maintenance kindly supplied by Uptech Offroad Centre, Monbulk Victoria

The Galvanised Trailer Company provides offroad trailers for our rough and tumble tours. 

The Jolly Swagman has supported us with discount swags. 

Special thanks to the Sheahan Family without whose caravan our organisation would never have begun.

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