About us

About us

We love adventures!

Tina came to Australia from Germany for a holiday in 1996 and met Simon in Melbourne, but lost contact with each other until a chance meeting brought them back together in 2000.

After Tina returned to Germany in 2001 Simon was faced with a difficult decision: should he follow his heart and journey to Germany, a country he had never visited with a language he couldn't speak to discover how the story would unfold or should he stay in Melbourne and continue as before?

Luckily Simon loves adventures, so he threw caution to the wind, packed his bags and left for Hamburg. 

12 years, two children and many adventures later, the Storey Family decided to relocate so the kids would have the chance to experience life in Australia, and it was while we were travelling around Victoria showing the kids what a vast country they now lived in that the idea of an Australian Explorers show was born.

We want to create theatre for schools that is exciting, challenging and curriculum-based because we believe these memories need to be shared with children so they will feel motivated to read more about the hardships some of our earlier historical figures endured during their quest to learn about this new country and perhaps discover the spirit of adventure themselves.