Read various quotes from schools and also from a relative of John King about the Burke and Wills Grand Adventure!

The actual letters are available upon request, but to respect the privacy of individuals we have only published these selected parts.

"The story was told through the eyes of King (the only member of the expedition party to survive the horrendous ordeal); and a teenage girl doing her history homework. The audience ranged in age from six to sixty plus, and everyone was mesmerised by the drama. The Q&A session at the conclusion of the night allowed for clarification about this important part of our Australian history, with questions coming from both the old and the young."

"As if this wasn’t enough, the six children from the local school were then treated to a Drama Workshop this morning. Simon and his daughter, Amelie, stepped the children through a number of drama related activities that soon had them confidently working as a team to produce some very creative ‘freeze scenes’; and left them all begging for more as the session concluded!
The opportunity for our students to work with such talented actors doesn’t arise very often, so we feel extremely privileged to have been included in their tour itinerary."

"The use of lyrical text, humorous exposition, visual set pieces, and poignant sound choice left me engrossed, joyful, dismayed and even a little tearful." 

"The students were highly engaged with the interactive side of the performance and loved to have their say when they were asked. The younger students were particularly fond of the horse and excited to tell other staff members about being able to feed him sugar. All the students learnt a great deal about the history of Burke and Wills, and the older students in particular were very surprised by the bad luck the explorers encountered."

"This performance led to several classes completing lessons around the subject of Burke and Wills. The most notable class was 4/5/6 creation of Burke and Wills inspired board games. Here students were able to apply their newly found knowledge of the trip to create engaging questions and design adventurous board games."

"The students enjoyed the drama workshop afterwards and were more than happy to participate in the activities. Catching the invisible ball, creating the human machines and training the dolphin were a few of the exciting activities the students now request to play in class."

"Overall, both the students and staff enjoyed the performance. It was thoroughly engaging as was the workshop. I would recommend this performance to all schools, even those not on the Burke and Wills track. We really appreciate opportunities like this as they are rare to our remote community, and cannot thank you enough for coming to visit, entertain and educate us."

"I am a descendant of the Yandruwandha people and was thrilled to see a live theatre production perform at its best targeting a small audience with a modern day version of John King’s life story. I found the play very informative and engaging to an audience of all age groups. I was captured deep with emotion and the performance of Simon Storey who created a very deep heartfelt story of John King being the only survivor of the Burke and Will’s expedition."

"Coming from an Educational background and holding two degrees in Early Childhood, bringing this story to remote areas and the outback provides an interactive learning environment for all ages and to have a better understanding of Burke and Wills expedition."