Who am I?

13.04.16<br />
Who am I?

My name is Charlie the Wander Dog and I'm going to share with you all the journeys and adventures that my family experience. 

A bit about me first - I don't always have a colourful blanket with baubles draped over my head. I'm actually a working dog. I come from a long line of working dogs and sometimes wonder what I did to deserve this kind of treatment.

Thank goodness my dog-family can't see me like this, I mean, they live on a farm and have to herd sheep and stuff while I am forced to sleep inside at night on the couch after hard afternoons on the beach chasing thongs with my people-family. 

I've been a part of this family for two years now and I also helped them develop the Burke and Wills show. I listened carefully to everything they said and barked enthusiastically when I agreed. A family really needs a dog in times like these, someone they can rely on to be there when things get tough, to help out when extra paws are needed and stuff like that. 

Here's a photo of me helping with the wooden Burke figure we use in the show:

Lying in the sun. 2


As you can see I am a very hard worker! I really don't know what they would do without me...

Our grand plan is to travel around Australia with this show 'cause we believe more kids need to learn about Burke, Wills, King and Gray, and the amazing journey they completed . I cannot wait to see this awesome country of ours and to chase possums, kangaroos, wombats and dingoes all around the bush. 

Oh wait. No, I don't chase wildlife, I don't chase wildlife, I don't chase wildlife...

I only chase thongs.

See ya later, Charlie x