Cooper's Creek at last!

30.05.17<br />
Cooper's Creek at last!

Arrived at Cooper's Creek yesterday and set up camp at a wonderfully remote spot in the bush.

Bought a hand-line to do some fishing, not really expecting to catch anything but within 20 minutes we had two wonderful Grunters for dinner!

Darkness fell, and while we were cooking our fish on the open fire, the dingoes started howling. Dingoes. It was just such a wonderful experience, hearing their mournful, yearning howls as we sat in the warmth of the fire and wondered whether we were in any danger.

Our faithful hound, Charlie the wander dog, was sleeping nearby and didn't even raise her head when the dingoes began - whether from deafness or denial we'll never know...

Visiting Burke's grave was a sobering moment, especially when you imagine King sitting there with him all alone, in this remarkably beautiful place, watching him slowly die and then realising that he is now alone, that all the dreams and hope they started out with are finally and irrevocably gone. I could not help but think of Burke's final words to King "I hope that you will remain with me until I am quite dead - it is a comfort to know that someone is by. But when I am dead, it is my wish that you leave me unburied as I lie.'

King must have wept bitterly when Burke expired.