Marvellous review from Mt Isa!

28.06.17<br />
Marvellous review from Mt Isa!

We recently performed at the Mt Isa Theatrical Society and received this wonderful review! 

The story of Burke and Wills as told through the ghost of forgotten companion John King was thoroughly enjoyable experience tonight.

Told predominately by a very capable Simon Storey through a very creative narrative; bringing not only John to life, but also Burke, Wills, Charlie Grey and their beautiful horse Billy. I found myself completely invested in a tale I believed I knew (but definitely didn't) due to a highly imaginative production.

The use of lyrical text, humorous exposition, visual set pieces, and poignant sound choice left me engrossed, joyful, dismayed and even a little tearful.

Well done to the Storey Players for creating such a great piece of theatre