Nearing the Gulf of Carpentaria...

18.06.17<br />
Nearing the Gulf of Carpentaria...

After nearly six weeks and over 5000 kms, we are nearing our goal – Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria. Burke and Wills nearly made it. They left John King and Charlie Gray at Camp 119 to look after the camels while they took Billy the horse and made a last, desperate dash for the coast. They got to within 10 kms and then had to turn back, beaten by the salt tides, mud, heat and exhaustion.


It has been an incredible journey for us as well; performing in different places to a wide variety of people; facilitating drama workshops and seeing kids so enthused about making theatre; working along the way to create new performance opportunities; meeting some really inspiring people, and creating new projects for the future.

We are performing tomorrow at Mt Isa Central School and adding a new part to our performance – the distribution of rations by John King after Charlie Gray was caught eating skilligolee, a thin kind of porridge, without permission i.e. stealing food from their supplies.  This has been on our minds for some time, but we couldn’t find the right approach for this difficult part of the story. However, now that we’ve visited Cooper’s Creek, experienced the landscape they tried to conquer and learned a lot more about the expedition along the way, this scene wrote itself, presented itself to us, and from tomorrow will become a part of the show. If you have seen the show without this scene, then we guess you’ll just have to see it again when we return to Melbourne