Sharing the show...

07.05.16<br />
Sharing the show...

Horses, horses everywhere. On the table and on the chairs...

Horses, horses, horses… as if it isn’t bad enough with the possums, now I had to deal with plastic horses taking over the house last week.

Charlie Horse 21

I don't know where they came from or what they want...

Charlie Horse def1

But they sure look suspicious to me... 

Charlie Horse Lick

Maybe it has something to do with the letters my people-family created last week to tell more teachers about the Burke and Wills show. 

Horses me 1

They spent lots of time writing and printing and packing these horses into envelopes. 

horse letter 2.2

 The stuff my people-family say and do. I overheard them talking about Schleich, and Germany, and how expensive the post is these days. They think that I sleep all day, but I really only doze to make sure that nothing gets past me, like burglars or sales-people, oh and the postman, so I actually hear everything they talk about. Don’t always understand it, but certainly hear it. 

They also keep talking about Billy the Horse, and bring out this strange horse-head made from some kind of wire. It seems this is used during the show to entertain the kids and my people-family always remember how eager the kids were to feed Billy pieces of imaginary sugar. They seem to love him.

Billy the Horsev1

Look what I just found. They seem to have forgotten this one. 

Charlie ltr 1

I wouldn't want anybody to miss out on receiving their letter, so I'm gonna deliver this one myself - Charlie Express!

Charlie ltr 2

See ya, Charlie x