Far Away in Australia

Far Away in Australia

The idea for this show was born when Simon and Terry decided the children in Hamburg needed to learn that there was more to Australia than just koala bears and beaches...

They sifted through many Australian stories and decided to present the ones that resonated deeply with them and created a one-hour show which presented a wide-ranging and unique :

This show became a big hit and Simon toured it through Germany, South Tyrol and Denmark where he also presented seminars to teachers who wanted to learn more about Australia in order to teach it more effectively to their children.

Here is a write up in the local Dolomiten Newspaper about one show performed in Brixen, South Tyrol.



DOLOMITEN 14.05.2008 BRIXEN / School Theatre close-up

Learning English from a native speaker.

Brixen. „Far Away in Australia“ What is going on there? The Australian actor, Simon Storey, brings Australia to the classroom of the Realgymnasiums Fallmerayer. He presents different aspects of Australia in his one-man show.

The goal of Footslog English Language Theatre, with actor Simon Storey and director Terry McDonagh, is to offer schoolchildren first-class theatre that is not only relevant to their studies, but also a lot of fun.

Simon showed how it worked when he presented his one-man shows „Far Away in Australia“ and „Hamlet“ to the children from Realgymnasium Fallmerayer.

"Every year we offer the students the chance to see English language theatre presented by a native speaker" explains English Teacher Anna Pfitscher.

The themes of each show are examined in the classroom before the performance: today it was Australian History, cultural idiosyncrasies, geography, the Aborigines or the effect of William Shakespeare and literary aspects of his work.

"In combination with theatre the students learn the English language and about a particular subject" says Pfitscher. Simon performed a lively piece about what really happens at an Australian BBQ; he told the children a Dreamtime story from the Aborigines and also introduced them to Ned Kelly, Australia’s most famous bushranger. After the show the students were able to ask the performer questions.