Alpurrurulam Community School

Alpurrurulam Community School

Our first visit to this beautiful community!

We thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks in Alpurrurulam working with the Transition - Year 9 children at the school.

The children were open and very excited about the games we played, and most of them joined in with stacks of enthusiasm. As in every school, however, there were also some who were not so keen about taking such risks, but by choosing our games carefully and taking it step-by-step we gradually gained their trust. 

The final production, which was a collaboration with all the students, was presented to the parents who came on literacy day to much laughter an applause. Everyone had a great time and we especially enjoyed watching everyone's reactions!

The principal and staff have invited us back next year for a month to work in the school and facilitate workshops outside school hours for kids who want to learn more about drama.