Everyone knows Burke and Wills, but who was John King? 

Our show is written from the point of view of John King, the only survivor of the Race to the Gulf on which Burke, Wills, King and Charley Gray departed in 1861. It is an ideal device to engage the kids from the start to the end of the show and ensures they pay attention, laugh and learn about this amazing journey.

The other star of the show is Billy the Horse. Billy belonged to Burke but we have created a special relationship between him and John King to add more excitement and emotional engagement into the show. Tina created Billy from wire and a bridle and Simon brings him to life during the show with his puppetry and mime skills. 

Credits -


Max Ablitzer - http://www.maxablitzer.com/

Burke's Song performed by Welders Dog - http://weldersdog.com/


Written by Simon Storey

Costumes, Set and Billy the Horse by Tina Storey 

Great ideas and input by Amelie and Sam Storey 





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