Tiddalik the Frog - Community Theatre at Dajarra

Tiddalik the Frog - Community Theatre at Dajarra

Dajarra kids celebrate a special story... 

In 2018 we created ‘Tiddalik the Frog’ with the kids and performed it for the Dajarra community. The whole school was involved in the show and it was a huge step for the children as most of them had never performed in public before. There were, however, two girls, sisters, who did not participate in the workshops, did not smile or speak to us throughout the project and who simply disappeared on the day of the show.

This year we re-created ‘Tiddalik the Frog’ and arranged a public performance at St Kieren’s Catholic School, who generously agreed to host our group, in front of 50 children. It was a wonderful moment for us when we arrived in town and the kids ran over to the car and enthusiastically greeted us, asking “How long are you staying? Are we doing drama again? What games are we going to play”? Sam, our son, was quickly accepted into the group and began playing basketball, while our daughter took on an older sister role with many of the younger kids.

The sisters were there again, but this time the elder one, after some initial hesitation, joined in and began to enjoy herself during the drama workshops. She still did not talk to us very much, but through the exercises we facilitated her attitude softened and she lost her shyness and fear and joined in. We were not sure if she would participate in the show, but she voluntarily auditioned for the part of the fly and gave a great performance - even improvising musically during one scene.

Her younger sister, however, watched every workshop and rehearsal with wonder and engagement, laughing and clapping at her classmates’ antics, but resolutely refused to be involved. The team offered her the chance to play instruments off-stage so she could be involved, but she covered her face or turned away.

She travelled with the kids to Mt Isa for the show and, in the most amazing last-minute turnaround, decided to dress as a butterfly and perform with the rest of her classmates in front of an audience of strangers! Without ever having actually rehearsed with the others, she fit right into the show and never missed a beat.
We are all so proud of this brave girl and extremely happy that she took this momentous step in her life.

We are pleased that our program gave her the strength to do this and hope this seed will grow into a powerful tree enabling her to make positive choices in the future.

Follow this link to have a look: https://vimeo.com/360950714